Human Testo

Testo Human

[Verse 1:]
A lot of people ask me "Spita why you in it? ", "You trying to get paid or you just want DJ's to spin it? "
I'm like well both, as I started grinning cause I know that I got exactly what the games been missing.
Start off slow, fore play, I started kissing, but by the end of the night, I conquer, I'm winning, work ethic is epic so I can be reminiscent, in the end of the chapters of the life that I'm living, listen to me, I'm telling ya'll,
(I'm Only Human) Uh Yeah, My Hardest efforts still won't be perfect, I tried my best so I know that I'm worth it, Listen I thought I told ya'll (I'm Only Human) uh yeah, my best is being all I can be, but even at my best you will surely see that I'm

I'm Only Human, flesh & blood I'm made, Human, Born to make mistakes

[Verse 2:]
Yo, uh, to my favorite baby girl out there that had my heart, I'll always love the way you held me down from the start, & even though we seem to go our separate ways, the time we spent together could never be a waste, I think about it damn near every single day, live life and you learn an experience that pays off-long short run any how you put it, you told me you regret it but I really think you shouldn't, just try to remember that I'm only (Human) uh yeah, you live once so you gotta live your dreams, can't let nothing ever come in between, keep in mind that I'm only (Human) {And just know that I'll Always Love You} (Please Forgive Me)

Human League: I wouldn't ever try to hurt you, I just needed someone to hold me, to fill the void while you were gone, to fill this space of emptiness

I'm only Human, Flesh & Blood I'm Made, Human, Born To make mistakes, I'm only Human, of flesh and blood I'm made, Human, Born to make mistakes

I am Just a Man (Human)

All the good folks down at Beats Planet, DJ Naydee and all dat, you know what I'm saying? It's your boy Spita and I'm signing out, Inevitable, Let's Go!
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