Pass The Courvosier Testo

Testo Pass The Courvosier

They like, they like yo
Why you doing the mixtape?
I’m like why not?
And they like oh
And I’m like umm yo

Been in the game, I’m beating you to the punch
I’m fucking up everything in the middle, back in the front
Sit back in a hunch and wonder what the fuck up
Insane, crazy, mentally dazed, all the above
I’m sitting in the middle of madness
I use these rappers as some steps on my ladder, you heading backwards
I’ve been shitting on these kids cuz I had to, I ate em up
And have em into the bathroom, it’s just a fact, word!
I’m just having fun for the evening like why not?
There ain’t no reason that she stop to the beaters
I’m psychotic in my own right, got for the meaning
You wanna sue? Well, it don’t mean the same thing ding
Yes, I’m like I
Me me me I I I
Fucking all about me boy, I’m that guy
I love bragging and boasting, all at a time
So stop sucking bitch, blow my mind
Don’t blow my high
Oh get out of my lane, man of the day
Man of the planet, damn it
I’mma damage the damn place
A fan of the damn days, Planet of the Apes
Close the damn drapes, this girl’s ‘bout to get rampaged
I’m an animal, girl hold onto handles
It’s about to get scandalous girl in Los Angeles
In a fuckin manager’s world
Tattered your girl on my ass then even banged her a hold
I’m so obscene, obscure at one thing
Quick to the punch, punch lines no punching
Little bit of a nut, well my nut is busting on your girlfriend’s butt
(Well that’s disgusting)
Yea, you really think I give 2 shits?
This is just some shit I like this shit so there’s new shit
Give you exclusives and give you some bruises
Hang a kid in a noose with the shit I’m producing
Huh, but what the hell does that mean?
I’m just filling in bars, I’m just letting off steam
I’m just letting yall know, then I’m getting my dream
So it’s better if you get off my knee
You should get off my knee
You should get off my spleen
You should get off my team
You should get off my scene
I be motherfucking nuts try me
Griny fly beats, yea I kill it yea I’m feelin fine
Military flow, trained behind enemy lines
I’m a hell of a guy, I’ve developed a eye for these bitches
Feeling my dick impaling your thigh
Room filled with booty parafenelly
Get Nelly into your wobble
I’m laughing, I’m pre-hysteria
I’m such a motherfuckin freak
Fuckin women soccer team, like this been flip and flopping for a week
I’m feeling noxious on the beat
Keep it syllable rhyme flow, vodka with tonic and JD
Uh, it’s how I’m feeling lately
Break 3 records, on records we’ll break beats like…
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