Play For Keeps Testo

Testo Play For Keeps

They told me was it, now I’m flying so dominant
Spitting out these gems, got diamonds in my esophagus
So provocative, killin ‘em ‘s my prerogative
Honestly I’m like Donovan, barely back in his prime again
I’m working 9 to 10, 10 to 9, grind it in
Find me in the stoo smashing my head with a Heineken
I’m blinded to these haters, play on my violin
Index to my thumb, they praying it ain’t the time for them
But what you know? I’m just feeling wonderful
Rollercoaster, it’s my life
Which way do you wanna go?
Living like a holiday, damn where did my wallet go?
Uh, I’m solid gold, put a fuckin rebel in the hospital
I’m being a prick, I’m being that little ass kid with a toot of an asshole
I’m beatin my shit on your motherfuckin MO CD, spit hotter than Tabasco
I don’t really like bragging, I don’t really like drama
I wanna put my dick in yo baby momma
Man, I’m on it like no other baby
Don’t get so frustrated
You see me shinin and you hatin, well I must have made it
I mean I’m messing with some shit you only dream of when you sleep
So rock a by baby, only way you reach your freedom
Never been up on my level
Beastin in your reality
Your dreams are everything that I’m living in actuality
See my mentality’s grown, you wanna grab a piece?
Oxygen tank on earth and breathe it with no gravity
I respect some competitors, this whatever
You’re hot and inside you dress a draw, let that shit be a lesson fool
Anybody who want dreams or aspirations
They only sane a pull if you’re riskin out to make it so
Put it all on the line
And if it breaks then either fall or hold on to divines and levitate baby
I won it all so I’mma get it how I got it
These motherfuckers ain’t ready for my product

(Hook x2)
Baby, I’mma get it in ah
And I don’t want no problem nah
No no no
Play for keeps in this cutthroat world
I play for keeps in this cutthroat world

But yall don’t hear me though
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