Fade Testo

Testo Fade

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
I try to breathe
Memories overtaking me
I try to face them but
The thought is too much to conceive

I only know that I can change
Everything else just stays the same
So now I step out of the darkness
That my life became 'cause...

I just needed someone to talk to
You were just too busy with yourself
You were never there for me to express how I felt
I just stuffed it down
Now I'm older and I feel like
I could let some of this anger fade
But it seems the surface I am scratching
Is the bed that I have made

So where were you
When all this I was going through?
You never took the time to ask me
Just what you could do



But I never meant to fade away
I never meant to fade


I try to breathe