82-92 Testo

Testo 82-92

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[feat. Mac Miller]

We've been making that classic shit
Rapping over some mad kids
Immaculate... average kids
Bee with the... bitch dance...
You heard me... you only know half of it
Keep it funky like I need some money
... and I ain't even trying to get some...
Mother fuker you'll be... shifted
... take pictures... bitches
... fuck around and just kicked on my back yard
I'm on a roll
Hitting shows with some bad boys
... know what hip hop is
Everybody hear me like it's my...
Hey yo... gonna kick that shit

Stay by me...
I'm imagining
The wax...
Just out spit her
Come and see her
I'm a cash getter
I smash with her

And it's a great look
Call me to handle it
It's all money...
Ever since... go and live it up

I'm better than... hate on them
I'm skating... upon him
Bitches gonna be making me lemonade and cupcakes
... my dick bitch tell me how...
We are like... trying to get this puff cake
We're bad boys for real... out of space
I put her body...
I ain't as lame as you
... amazing view
A million rappers in the game
But I'm gonna make it soon
They spend their money from...
Squash you like a tomato
... my mommy take that pillow
... is unreadable
Wonder around with a...
Born in 92
But you rhyme like you're from 82
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