Reflux Testo

Testo Reflux

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Let's run off another take of this
Put it up against the list
What was it was like before us
"Oh those were the days"
But I don't complain
This is for the better

Let's make out like we've been allowed
There's are no strangers in this town
The new ones will adore us
Another marching day
But I don't dare complain
That this is for the better

Dirty faces and old prescriptions
Sound advice but no one listens
Looking out for my interest
We're well equipped to go the distance

Hold out, the deal is going to pay
It's the bet we always take
We're making up for last time
I wish I could complain
"Oh those were the days"
But this is for the better

Calling in all favors
We're all making changes
Operating on contingencies
Standard deviations
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