Arson In The Suburbs Testo

Testo Arson In The Suburbs

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Every night I'm gonna light another fire; burning down every city full of liars. I sold the flow to the pimps and the buyers; I told you all that I'm bomb, cut the wires. So fresh, so fly, so insane. Get buck, get fucked; let's rage. I get low like a casket; I'm still high when I'm crashing; I still stack 'em up for the masses. WOOHOO, IF I HAD ONE CHANCE I'D TAKE IT. WOOHOO, HOLD MY BREATH FOR A MINUTE; IT'S COMPLICATED. I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING, YEAH. Live like we don't give a fuck. Ha, you know. Another night, another stage and a microphone; I've got bones made of iron and veins full of acetone. I turn everything I touch to gold; it's arson in the suburbs, do what you're told. So right, so wrong, so dangerous. Made back in the 80's; can't touch this. Start a riot in the city tonight, find me young and desperate, under the street lights. They call me a mechanic tyranicalsaurus rex, robotic and fresh, spitting acid til I'm melting the flesh. I break beats cause I'm canabalistic, not another statistic. And we'll do it one time in case you missed it

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