Biting Your Lip Testo

Testo Biting Your Lip

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
What's he got that I don't?
I hope he's what your looking for
Please tell me... why is it unfaithfulness and ego turns you on?

You keep me hanging on
with no intentions of a relationship with interventions,
feeding me the vaguest reasons why I should hang around.
I know I don't deserve the best
but i know it is not how you suggest;
No one should feel this way, waiting; watching,
you and him while i just fade away
The biting of lips, the pressing of hips but now i'm gone...
I'm biting the curb so do not disturb just do me in...

There's no words that I can use to describe how I feel this very moment,
But I'll give it a try...I WANNA SLIT HIS FUCKING THROAT.

I know the chains are off
but I don't wanna walk far enough for me to find out,
I'm contemplating you and me while he just fades away.

Whats he got that I don't,
I hope he's what your looking for
Please tell me... why it is unfaithfulness and ego turns you on?
But keep smiling please that smile you do,
'Cos when you smile I smile too
I know it's not my face
I know it's not my place for me to say he's not the one for you
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