Sleeping With You Eyes Open Testo

Testo Sleeping With You Eyes Open

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Peaceful flows the dawn,
The inner dusk, my thinner spawn
Quiet grows regret,
I must remember lest I forget

Take the heartache away from me
Close your eyes so I dont see you cry
The truth isnt when you lie

Heavy is the crown,
Just another ghost that pulls me down
Cursd is the love,
Of the saviours from above

Acceptance so hard to find
So close your eyes and open your mind

Vocal #1: Can you see that we can be so different this time?
Vocal #2: I pull the covers up over my head, I'm taking back every single word you said, 'Let's work it out' well that means nothing to me...
I pull the covers up over my head, I'm writing down every single word you said, But I'll stroke it out because it means nothing ...
Vocal #1/Vocal #2 (unison) ... This time

Peaceful flows the dawn,
But nevermind my heart moves on
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