Inside Out Testo

Testo Inside Out

You drink your coffee only with milk
your skin is shimmering like silk
you need some honey in your tea
adventure you wanna live to see
all your friends you love to meet
you´re mostly cold searching for heat
you like to watch a lazy show
you try to prevent every row

i know you inside out - does she?
Is there any doubt for me?
I know you inside out _ does she?
I know she wants to get you free

you never want to have dispute
you hate to be in a foul mood
also mostly you evade to cook
don´t wanna have a sloppy look
you detest people that smoke
you never buy a pig in a poke
you hate to cheat you hate to lie
you´re afraid of death afraid to die.

I know you inside out....

i know what you really need
I know when you really bleed
I know what you really see
I knwo when yoú really free
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