You Are The One Testo

Testo You Are The One

I can´t believe but it´s true
you love me like the way i do
it always takes my breath away
but you have promised me to stay

I`ll give to you the moon and stars
i´ll die for you in bloody wars
and after all this said and done
I know you´re still the only one

i´m not sure but it seems
you are the one out of my dreams
my life will never be the same
since the day you called my name

you always give but you don´t take
when I`m asleep you stay awake
sit next to me to watch my sleepin
´learned me to walk when I was creepin

you saw for me when I was blind
turned me around and changed my mind
dried my tears when i was crying
repaired my wings and helped me flying

i´m not sure......

and you knwo how hard i tried
when my heart and mind collide
waited for sunshine during the rain
and after all the sunshine came

i´m not sure...
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