This Heart Will Love Again Testo

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Testo This Heart Will Love Again

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My love after all we've said and done
Are you tellin' me the time has come?
To go our separate ways

And now after all that we've been thru
If you won't let me make it up to you
The truth I'll have to face

You won't be here tomorrow
But I'll get through the sorrow baby
(Now that you're gone)
I'll keep the fires burning though my heart's breakin'
(I'll carry on)
'cos every day I'm learning life's for the taking
No matter what, I know that in the end
At least I can be certain
This heart will love again

I know we can't go on livin' yesterdays
Wish there was something more that I could say
To make my heart forget
But now if you really have to go
Then I must somehow find the strength to show
No sadness no regret

You won't be here tomorrow
But I'll get through the sorrow baby


I won't be here tomorrow
I will get through the sorrow baby I will love again

[Chorus to fade...]
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