Midwest Explosion Testo

Testo Midwest Explosion

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Tech N9ne, baby
Big Stone, baby
Fly Moves, baby
'Bout to do it like this, c'mon!

[Stevie Stone:]
Bitch, you better bow down, we on call (Yeah!)
Got the beat bangin' and bangin' amongst the wall (Yeah!)
I got Tecca Ninna givin' dude the [?] (Yeah!)
Said I'm a dawg (Yeah!), yeah I'm a dawg (Yeah! Huh!)

[Hook: Stevie Stone & Tech N9ne]
Midwest Midwest (Yesss!)
Head get ta bobbin' when you're rocking with the best (with the best)
Midwest Midwest (Yesss!)
Spread to the east, north, south and the west (and the rest)
Midwest explosion ('splosion) [x2]
Midwest explosion
Born in the middle where them haters can't hold 'em

[Verse 1: Stevie Stone]
Said I explode, I'm hungry, I'm on top
When I'm ripping I'm giving the game [?]
[?] I'm away on top
Take a picture nigga (rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin')
Give me some room, I'm in tune
I got groove, I bloom if you're from January to June
I'm a beast, [?] none of the least (The least!)
With Tecca Ninna riding with me, lotta haters deceased (Ahaah!)
They got me on my leash
(Huh!) I'm about the crown is goin' down
I'm a blow up the town, I'm in and out, just lay it down (Aaahaaah!)
[?] nouns and pronouns
[?] I'm a little bit [?], but I'm so loud! (So loud!)
You don't really-wanna come round here and flex with them niggas
It's Stevie Stone, Tecca Nina put a hex on ya nigga (uh huuuuh!)
Just believe it, I got that potion (that potion)
Ya hear me on ya airwaves, causing some commotion!


[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Tecca N9na the cleaner, bus' it like none other-can (cha!)
"Mizery" niggas countrier than banjo and [?] (cha!)
Salt and pepper beezys they see me and scream "what-a-man! "
Never love her but-I-cut her, she stutter like [?] (cha!)
Hang loose and gritted (cha!)
(Strange Music did it!) (cha!)
Bang through the shitted
With that Strange Music fitted
Gangs swang to the critics (cha!)
Mayne when you get it
It's gone cause Ninna and Stone dun chained you and spit it
I'm nasty (cha!). Wacky, sex in the back of the tour bus
Saucy, bossy, ice and cognac in a [?] cup (cha!)
Bianc's on my back cause I'm stacking [?]
Juicy, won't open her mouth with me baby sure sucks! (cha! cha!)
(Yeah!) And if they beefin' it's never me (cha!)
But-I-never-wanna-get-up-in-a face of-a-killer cause y'all know my pedigree (cha!)
I bus' when they [?] don't call me cousin, better let it be (cha!)
You can find Stone, Tech N9ne alone [?], Midwest nigga! (cha!)


Midwest Explosion ('splosion) [x5]
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