Bandruptcy Testo

Testo Bandruptcy

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
We all need to be in love when we recall the tracks
And every morning we wake up with plenty of doubt

Rise from the sound, I’m calling you

Who gives a fuck about our stupid ideas?

Cause we’re Stuck in the Sound, I want you to
Rise for the song, won’t let you down

We’ve been gone for some years and now we’re back again
For the worst for the best, for trial and mistakes
And if you want to join us for awhile
We’ve been asked here tonight, and can anyone

Rise from the sound, I’m calling you
Stuck in the Sound, I’m warning you

Sometimes better than to lose yourself we play the game
na nanuhh na na nahh na na nuhh na na nahhh
And with love the game we ride above
And tonight once again I want you to

Rise from the sound, I’m calling you
Stuck in the sound, I’m warning you
Rise from the song, I’m calling you
RIse for the bankruptcy procession
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