Beautiful Losers Testo

Testo Beautiful Losers

Ed bangers mixing in a club,
but my friends are drinking in a pub.
I don't wanna miss the party,
just going and drinking for free...

In the queue boys comparing that sneakers.
In the line a girl's poudering her nose.
She said, she said she saw me on TV.
I think she wanna go out with me...

Proud and worried like pigeons in a bar .
DJ's time is out... New kids on the block!
Step step step step step step step...
before you going too far...

Baby models showing on their straws,

Baby rockers going from the west side,
God I've never seen so many...

Oh! I running to myself , in a mirror ,
And all I saw, was dark rings.
Anyway... No regrets...

In this world , It this worse?
In this world , I'm running from myself.
But don't be mad before I go,
don't be surprised, don't be surprised...
Don't be mad before I go !

In this world , It this worth ?
In this world , I'm running from myself .
In this world... Don't be surprised ,
If I running from myself .
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