Mamita Testo

Testo Mamita

[Chorus x2: second time in spanish]
Mamita come check my steelo
Come get with this latino
We can take it fast or slow
Whatever you have will be yours

Mamita chula, you ever been with a Dominican
Like me, under the tree
I got a fettish for a Nubian princess just like you
Your name is Keisha, my name's S.U., girl how you do
You ever been with a blacono en bocachica
It's a beach, not choca beach, it's sol que pica
No, not Puerto Rican, but it's all the same
They say Caho, I say Caro, it don't matter anyway
So is it true, you got more flavors then the others do
And you work it do, give a buzz or two, and we can kick it boo
I got somes in you, i like the chocolate death and dining
Take the perfect timing, treat you like you mine
Can you bare with my sickness of eatin toto for hours
It's theraputic, be my conition, ease the power
You from Harlem shorty don't speak spanish that's ok
You bee even dancin salsa, if you tend to roll my way

[Chorus x2]

You say you turned by the fact I'm Spanish plus bilingual
No I'm not single, but it don't matter, I still mingle
We can drink Selvesa, Presidente or Corona
It don't matter, don't smoke gella but I know her
In the spot up, in the heist of rebetallia
I'm universal, explosive your mind to things that jerk you
We can bop to, some ill ass salsa or some hip hop
Yo tengo mucha, passione che son sussia
Just like you smooth into my casa
But there's no pressure, turn temptation to desire
I had a dream a week ago, and thoughts still smother
And in my dream, was your complexion, cocoa butter

[Hook in Spanish]

[Chorus x2]

I'm a gentlemen most times, some times yo halo pello
Lambo obligo, got you open like a riho
Wanna cook butt naked, I got some skills up in the kitchen
I cook a roast, and I be chuela boneless chicken
You wanna skip the bullshit, satisfy your hunger different
Here's a solutin, impulsive violence heavy lickin
Ma, got me feelin this, the thought of sexin this
And my lips, roamin by you hip, get on some freaky shit
You want the reggea or the speed of merengue
Forget about what they say, it's all about how we play
I get you open, like you high off San Perico
Yo say it's rico and ask for another poito
My name ain't Tito, Rojas or even Puente
But it's hot like salsa, you like it mamita, then caliente
I am unselfish when it comes to sharin passion
It's everlastin, she think teres I bring the aspirin

[Chorus x2]
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