Keep On Moving Testo

Testo Keep On Moving

(feat. T.O.K.)

We keep on moving when the music burning
Step into the club and everybody still a bouncing
We keep on moving when the music punping
Jump to the beat, to the beat and the drum

Wine up your weist and jump... boom
Wine up your weist and jump... boom
Move to the riddim and jump... boom
To the boom to the boom to the... boom

Me see gal dem a wine and jump and move dem weist to the riddim man a murder
Gal dem wine up close pan the yout tell me if push it little further
Sud Sound System we have big things
Tok we are the king big things
Luck down the beast thing
From Italy to jam down
Don Rico have the hit thing

So me tell you..goods vibes my bringin
Fi the people dem who love skunkin
Massive and crew who love jumpin
Hear the dj pan di riddim that comin to singin
And living and rising and dreaming
Fi betta time with tok we join
Ghetto boys and girls we a comin
An go in and a lova town dat lovin

Gal wine wine go go
Gal wine wine go go
Pan time time go go
Gal flying pan me don't stop wine


Me partu de casa e pansu già a comu te muei
Intra la capu tegnu impressi, sai, li movimenti toi
Ca me balli intorno te catturu e nu te lassu chiui
Schiavi de stu ritmu liberamune moi

Gal just wine up
Pan any man we you like a cleam up
To make a pure couple up and join up
And combine up
Dj wanna most rewine up
If you mo have gal, you outta love to night
Ca di gal dem we want fi fuck to night
Streat di daggaring dem want fi brock to night
Say they want give dem the night.
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