Last Minute Miracle Testo

Testo Last Minute Miracle

I know it's hard to put on a smile when everything's going wrong.........
I've always told you when I looked in your eyes that I've never seen someone so strong....
YeahIt's not easy to be where you are.
But believe me you're not very far from your
Last minute miracle to take you out of your place
to where the stars shine.
Just have a little faith.
Bow your head and pray that
it's not too far away from the day that you can say,
that you're a LAST MINUTE MIRACLE.
and i've always wondered as im laying in my bed why
this would happen to you.
but then i realized that God you put here cuz
you have the strength to pull this through.
Take it from me that you're something else.
You just have to believe in yourself for your
And you know I would give up the world
just to show you a thing or two.
Whatever happened to mysteries?
Please hold on to your dream
And i know it's hard sometimes to pick up the pieces but
you've gotta act like the glue.
You know you were always there whenever I needed so
I'm goona be there for you.
Take this lightly. It's not over yet.
Lifes not always what you expect but your
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