Den Of Thieves Testo

Testo Den Of Thieves

Run down cobbled road
as fast as I could fly
with fast footstep and baited breath
away from the cry
stepped into a cellar
to shelter from the pace
when a hand slapped 'round my throat
and another 'round my face

Den of thieves
dropped into a den of thieves
dropped into this den of thieves
dropped into this den of thieves

Oh the leader of the gang
said what's this we have here
I looked around me
and I trembled in fear
for several dusty cut throats
were standin' in a line
It was blood they were after
and that blood it was mine

A barber it is
that I am by trade
like you I make my living
by the wielding of a blade
Take your seat by the fire on the floor
I'll give you a shave like you never had before

Oh, step up this way
each one did and took his turn
now its to late
for the den of thieves to learn
To have your beard removed
by the surgeon barber Todd
you sure get your throat cut
no one does a better job

© r j young. t r young
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