God, That's Good! Testo

Testo God, That's Good!

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate

Ladies and Gentlemen,
May I have your attention please?
Are your nostrils aquiver and tingling as well with that delicate, lusicous ambrosial smell?
Yes they are I can tell.
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen,
That aroma enriching the breeze,
Is like nothing compared to it's succulent sauce as the gourmets among you will tell you of course,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
You can't imagine the rapture in store,
Just inside of this store.

There you'll sample Mrs. Lovett's meat pies,
Savoury and sweet pies as you'll see,
You who eat pies,
Mrs. Lovett's meat pies conjoure up the treat pies used to be.

Mrs. Lovett:


Mrs. Lovett:
Ale there!

Right mum.

Mrs. Lovett:
Quick now.
Nice to see you deary,
How have you been keeping?
Cor, me bones is weary,
Toby, one for the gentleman,
Hear the birdies cheaping,
Helps to keep it cheery,
Toby, throw the old woman out!
What's my secret,
Frankly dear forgive my canter,
Family secret,
All to do with herbs,
Things like being careful with your coriander,
Thats what makes the gravy grander!

Toby & Mrs. Lovett:
Eat them slow and feel the crust how thin she (I) rolled it,
Eat them slow 'cos everyone's a prize,
Eat them slow 'cos that's the lot and now we've sold it.
Come again tomorrow.

Mrs. Lovett:

Hold it!
Bless my eyes,
Fresh supplies.
How about it deary,
Be here in a twinkling,
Just confirms my theory
Toby, God watches over us,
Didn't have an inkling,
Positively eerie

Toby (simultaineously):
Is that a pie fit for a king,
A wonderous sweet & most delectable.
Did you see, mum, why there is no meat pie.

Mrs. Lovett:

Toby, throw the old woman out!
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