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Testo Bedsides

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
black clouds cover my soul on a mattress on the floor
hard luck and raw deals sing me to sleep
while your bed sits in a frame like a photo of a day
back before all our glitter went to gray

you hard of hearing? or hard of seeing?
the sweet smile of fortune has turned away from me
you hard of hearing? or hard of feeling?
how long must i burn before i can scream?

i need some shoulder salvation - warm and through the night
not dust cloud ruination - cold and with no light
you walk out that door i say its gonna close just like a casket
and love - forget it all

you hard of hearing? or hard of seeing?
my world fell apart and was pieced back by me
you hard of hearing? or hard of seeing?
how much of my soul must i bare till you can see

there's not more soul left to bare
you can stay on your side of the bed
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