Don't Go Away Testo

Testo Don't Go Away

Who ever thought the sun
would come crashing down
My life in flames
My tears complete the pain
We fear the end, the dark as deep as river bed
My book of life incomplete without you here
Alone I sit and reminisce
Sometimes I miss your touch,
your kiss, your smile
And meanwhile you know I never cry
'Cos deep down inside you know our love will never ever die

* Everything's gonna be alright
Together we can take this one day at a time
Can you take my breath away? (yeah)
Can you give him life today? (no doubt)
'Cos everything's gonna be okay
I'll be your strength I'll be here when you wake up

Take your time and I'll be here when you wake up

I never thought my heart
would miss a single beat
Caress your hand as I watch
you while you sleep
So sweet I weep as I search within
To find a cure, to bring you back again
And the sun will rise open up your eyes
Surprise just a blink of an eye
I tried I tried to be positive
You're a fighter
So fight, wake up, and live

I'd give my life to only see you breathe again
Hand in hand as we walk on the white sands
To hear your voice rejoice as you rise and say
This is the day that I wake and pray okay
Today's silence as time just moves on
You can't hear it though, but I'm playing my favourite songs I miss you much,
I wish you'd come back to me
You see I'd wait a lifetime 'Cos you're my destiny
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