He Loves Me Testo

Testo He Loves Me

Let me be the one to tell you first
You got it going on everyday
In the middle of the backseat
Freakin' to the fat beats
Everybody's watchin' me just to see
What's it gonna be
You lovin her or me
Oh baby, can't you see
I be's your fantasy
I give you what you need, indeed
I'm nice I be that seven on the dice
Do me right and say you love for life
But tonight let's take it slow
And let our feelings go
We both know that in time
I'll be yours, you'll be mine
So no more cires, no lies for the faithfull eyes
And no more tears, no more fears, my dear
'Cause I know you care.

{au Refrain, x2}
He loves me, he loves me not {x2}
The day will come, so tell me now.
If you love me, then show me how.

Because of you I know our love is destiny
We got it goin' on
The best of the best
In this game of life we live on love escapes
No mistakes, I love to love you and
I like it when you say my name
'Cause in my dreams it seems to never have an end
I feel the topuch of love from you within
My skin and every time we kiss
Ooh, dizzy me, you can't imagine
What your love does to me.

{au Refrain, x2}

Let me be the one to love you for a lifetime
Close your eyes and letme take you on a natural high
Untie the doubt my love will never sell you out
Just show me love and let me know what you're about
Sometimes I know it's rough
Sometimes I know it's tough
Sometimes I know I love you it just ain't enough
But never give it up until it's what you wanna do
I see the greatest gift of love is that you love me too.

{au Refrain}
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