Not Different (I Laugh, I Cry) Testo

Testo Not Different (I Laugh, I Cry)

Tiziano Ferro si confessa
I'm not perfect and neither are you
We're really not that different

Did you know when you walked away
Did you know that you broke my heart
Did you know all that time that I was waiting for you
Can't you see that I'm in pain
Can't you hear when I call your name
Can't you feel that inside that I'm hurting too

I laugh, I cry, I need, I try
Sometimes I hide
I'm not different from you

Why do we wanna hurt ourselves
Why do we wanna close our eyes
Why do we wanna be so proud and insensitive
Can we try to open our minds
Can we hear the other one's side
Can we feel that we go much deeper than we choose to be
We're all the same inside
We feel and cry
Like you
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