Testimony Testo

Testo Testimony

I'm a living testimony, yeah, I wanna be...oh...
I'm a living testimony to whatever you want me to do...oh...
I'm a living testimony, oh, from the bottom of my heart I'm saying...oh...every, every, everything...
My soul said yes...

This is not a confession or a lecture on love
This is not about religion; it goes deeper than a touch
It's about faith not built on fear
And the love in someone's tears
When they live what they believe

Ooh oh...Ooh oh...
Do you know, oh, where to go, oh...?
Ooh oh...do you know?

Hey, hey, yeah...
I'm a living testimony...oh...yeah, I wanna be...
I'm a living testimony to whatever you want me to do...

There's more to life than what you got, flip gripping obtain
People chasing after money and material things
We don't value the spirit the same
I see at times it's a shame
How we refrain from our spiritual gain
And we don't wanna talk about no biblical thing
We don't wanna talk if you're not feeling the same
But if you're feeling the pain
Let a higher power come and lift the distress
Testimony manifested in flesh, can you feel that?

We waste our time with anger
We waste our thoughts with blame
We waste our hearts with fighting and never understand the pain
Let's open up and shed our skin
Go back where we begin
Before the fear and shame

Hey, I know I can make it through
But everyday, I know I can make it through (3x)
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