Time Of My Life Testo

Testo Time Of My Life

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
In my darkest hour
My darkest trial
The thought of you can carry me through
I got your name upon my lips
No matter what they can't take this
Cause you will always be

The time of my life
(yes you were)
The time of my life
For always and always
Time of my life
(yes you were)
The time of my life
For always and always

All our crazy nights
We've changed with time
But the Desert flower and the Shell are still my heart
When life is cruel and life is hard
You can't remember who you are
Know that I still think you're beautiful

You'll always be yeah you'll always be
I keep you in my heart
You're the time of my life oh
Oh...time of my life oh...

Oceans away
But everyday I still hear you laughing with me
Our memories fade but love won't die
Cause you're the light left in these eyes
And one day I'll come home to you
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