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Testo Magic Cat

Muse, a luglio si esibiranno al Rock In Roma
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Everywhere flying ginger hair
His judge of wrong doing, he gives looks a dagger
A pounce from quite a small tiger
Brazen in your company he'll chew a spider

He's a magic cat
From a mile away he'll smell a rat
And he's a magic cat, Oh yeah
He's a magic cat
Such a clever puddy tat
Must I spell out that
He's a magic cat

Cadged up at the pet shoppe too long
Bravely die for friend but stalk a garden knome
But his bandy legs will lead you home
Friendly with a dog he has been known to rome


Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah

Scarica la suoneria di Magic Cat!
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