Let Go Of The Sky Testo

Testo Let Go Of The Sky

And I sit in the sun, and I can't look back,
'Cos the way that you spoke sent me down the wrong track,
Into millions of miles of ice and sleet,
With no promises that on the south side we would meet

Under sycamore trees he would lie,
In the leaves, he would try to decipher the sky,
Because she wouldn't tell him the way
To the road that would lead to her house where he'd stay,
And it hurt him so much to see that in the same way, she would never want me
But he couldn't let go of the sky,
Though there's nothing to hold but a hope and a lie

'Cos I love you, though I'm scared of the things you may do,
And I need you by my side all the time, 'cos without you, I'm blind

But the girl in the whole said she'd sell to my soul,
Said she'd sell to my soul 'cos I'm tired and cold.
And it's sad, and it's sad,
Because she was perfect, there was nothing bad to say
But will she decipher the code, before she's too old?

'Cos I love her, though another she would prefer,
And I need her, though she doesn't me, but it's so hard to see
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