Unconditionally Testo

Testo Unconditionally

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
I can't sleep, can't even breathe, but that won't change soon,
If you're lonely, ask her, she owns me, she lives in my room,

Make up your mind, leave the boy behind,
Melt me and drag me down, down into your mind...

My clothes are burning, I'm out on the sea,
Oh what it means that you're watching them for me,
And my eyes are blurring, they need your loving me,
And oh what it means that it's unconditionally...

Can't see the city lights 'cos I'm cold and high,
Growing surly, they're getting blurry and we know why,



And if these lyrics are lost in my lack of memory,
Forget them too, forget them too, forget them for me, please
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