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Testo Since You Don't Care

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Arms that use to hold you so close to me
Arms that had to open, oh ! and set you free
Arms that use to reach
And always find you there
Are just two empty, two empty arms
Since you don't care

Eyes that use to light up when you walked by
Eyes that never knew what it meant to cry
Eyes that watched you walk away
And left me standing there
Are just two cry-crying eyes
Since you don't care

Lips that used to talk and plan a future for two
Lips that used to kiss
You only, you know, these lips were true
Lips that used to smile
Before they kissed good-bye
Are just two silent, silent lips
Since you don't care

These empty arms,
These crying eyes,
These silent lips
Are all so lonely
Since you don't care
Since you don't care

Scarica la suoneria di Since You Don't Care!
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