Hope And Pray Feat. Dead Prez Testo

Testo Hope And Pray Feat. Dead Prez

(feat. M-1 (Dead Prez))

If you believe it you can achieve it that's wise words of wisdom
Or really would you whether just be pimped by the system?
Nobody knows the reasons we here we just surviving from day to day
Caught up in this game you have to pay to play
Head up fist clinched we keep pushing forward
Dare to struggle keep bubbling and go for it
I'm inspired by those who keep trying
Reliant giants, who studied light and try to use it as a science
My theory is to keep firein irons realize were not dieing
Ever defiant, we like lions
Keep applying the gift, like the story of the man an the fish
Then make reality instead of a wish
You got to be brave in these good and these bad days
Live and learn Homey, we growing in mad ways
We done been through some shit that made us grow up quick
I done been around the world and can't never forget that we can make it y'all!

I hope and I pray
Maybe one day
We'll all get a chance to say
We finally made it!

I'll keep my head to the sky
Keep my eye on the prize
Maybe then by and by
We'll finally make it

In the beginning I did it for fun
But it was out of love so I did it for crumbs
I knew if I stayed on my grind and stuck to my guns
It was inevitable, the money would come
So I plan my work and worked my plan
The last to lay it down and the first to stand
The first to get it cracking and the last to quit
If hard work was a class then I mastered it
But I had my bought with fears and doubts
People the built me up just to tear me down
People that turned about when my hand stretch out
You know the so-called friends that aint never around?
But I stuck to it though the blues and the pain
And I stuck to it through confusion and rain
And I'm-a stick to it though what ever they bring
They aint putting my asleep just to still my dream!


With the diseased invested waters
And the fathers molesting daughters
It's like the sheep is lead to slaughter
No wander profits claim this is the New World Order
Shit, half my friends can?t get no job
The other half done been laid off
Big Business is fudging the books
Economy on the ledge and they trying to push
But I'm-a go-on keep my head up fo sho
Cause we got some shit that they never could know
They aint the Gods and they aint in control
We gonna bust any door down they think they can close!

[The Bridge]
Where you at in life?
What you want in life?
Do you have in life
Everything that you think you need in life?

What are the answers
To all these problems?
Who has the power?
I wanna know PLEASE I wanna know!


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