Mushroom Cult Testo

Testo Mushroom Cult

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Kaleidoscope of love ophidian's
dance as the shifting occurs we
are stars and electric animals
nurtured by the mothers of prostitutes
floating in a mushroom universe,
swimming in a sea of cyclostomes,
and as we surface through the tide,
you open up and I come inside I
must be in limbo 'cause purgatory's
always felt just like home and as
the world spins round and round we
fornicate upon the cotton clouds
that rain down sulfur smiles on the
children at play in the poppy fields
sinking for what seems like forever,
like Atlantis into the sea, to forget
the shore and wash away, wash away
my memory I must be in limbo 'cause
purgatory's always felt just like
home inside the moon lives the high
priest of the mushroom cult upon
the altar are the ashes of the
pharisees I sold my soul sold my soul
sold my soul away I'm free of guilt
free of sin free of everything

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