Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce) Testo

Testo Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I am not important

I am a broken man

Throw myself on your mercy

You who have wronged me

I built my life in vainglory

I lost sight of the light

Where once I walked down streets of gold

I stumble through the darkness

I offer you my broken image

On the alter of your hatred for me

ItÕs a phantom it is nothing

But itÕs all I have to give

Every word we say is crucial

A lie to avoid a lie

Can we bridge the gap between us?

Will you pray with me?

Could you use some quiet?

Can you perform an exorcism?

You numbed you conscience with sanctimony

I numbed mine with narcissism

I surrender to you

You who I so long despised

I will expect nothing

Believing you to be kind

Can you accept me shattered?

Can you speak with one who is no one?

This must all be kept in context

And Yesenia gets a book deal
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