Touch Myself (Duet Double Remix) Testo

Testo Touch Myself (Duet Double Remix)

(feat. Total and Missy Elliott)

oh I, ohh baby
oh I, ohh baby

[hook: T-Boz,Total and Missy]
I won't be afraid to touch myself
it's all right (to touch myself)
I said it's alright (to touch myself)
I don't think it's wrong to touch yourself
ain't nothin wrong with making it feel good

[verse 1: T-Boz]
baby it's been awhile since my lovin
and I wanted to know if you missed me
since last november you were my contender
and then you played another girl in december

[Bridge: Total]
why do you treat me like you do
go away and play me a fool
I just wanna get close to you
but now all I'm going to do is


[verse 2: Total]
ohhh baby since you've been away
I thought that this was okay
I needed a soft touch
and I knew I could do it right
and so I touch myself ohhhhhh

[bridge: T-Boz]


[Missy Elliott]
know listen up
since you been gone working on the pump
you like a basketball star cause you a playa
you get girls like killers by a slaya
listen up playaz cause us ladies ain't afraid
to get played by our selves
a nice smooth touch straigh up my stomach
a little ecstacy never heart nobody

[bridge x2: T Boz]

[hook: until fade]
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