Millionaire Playas Testo

Testo Millionaire Playas

(feat. Baby (Big Tymers))

[Baby & T-Mac]
50 ain't shit, shoot the dice lil' daddy
Yeah nigga', 263, Cash Money
50 ain't shit, shoot the dice lil' daddy
That shit to the death on the for-reala'
50 ain't shit, shoot the dice lil' daddy
Playboy, hell of shit, that shit gravy
50 ain't shit........
Nigga' Rolex diamond infested
Nigga', nigga' wassup

470 with that 99 black Bentley
A seven-figurenaire at 24 with much women
My lil' son Lil' T stay jeweled down
Shit he even got two broads in the Charlie-Town
But peep this out I'm playin' with bigger and better thangs
This got that hovercraft the other day, shit I'm ballin'
Playboy you lookin' at my Rollie, shit you want it
I throw five away and buy ten another day
Yeah nigga' all these gold and rubies on my teeth
I keep my sweetheart on platinum down in the passenger seat
German cars with Italian suits (humm)
Gold buckle on my motherfuckin' gator boots
Five platinum cards in my gator wallet
I keep dem' broads geekin' like some fuckin' alcoholics
Twenty inches steady flickin', diamonds steady blingin'
Shit I'm buying up all kinda' shit like a mad man
I bought my two daughters a Lexus 300
They only six and eight and I buy them a drivers licensee
Dom P and Cristal ain't shit to us
Done made my own champagne.. T-Mizy-Rosy-Plus
Dem' bezels cost enough for me to fuck ten niggas wife
See a nigga' took his life cause' T-Mac fucked his wife
Niggas call me a home wrecker
Shit I tell em' look here boy I'mma reality checker
In case these cars and broads and diamonds and shit ain't real
Playboy take me out tomorrow, twenty inch deals
Woodgrain and tweeters everywhere
Shit, eight 12's in the back to knock out a bitch ear

[Baby & T-Mac]
Whats' Happenin' whats happenin', whats hap'
Yeah playboy that's how we gon' ride in the Callio nigga
50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
I'm rollin' wit' my nigga' B-zy from motherfuckin' Cash Mzy
(It's all gravy lil' one you know how the game go)
Let em' know how we millionaire playas
50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy

Rocks and ki's
Benzo and Hum-vees
Stack me some g's and keep rollin' on the city streets
Totin' heat, in case a nigga' wanna see
Is these niggas that I fuck with really down for me?
Makaveli got my back, with a tool thats an AK
Quick to spray and bust a nigga' head any day
I hustle on my block so my youngsters don't get popped
I buy new cars so my hoes can shop
50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
You can't fuck with this ridin' in a old Caddy
You might find me in a Bentley with twenty inches
With TVs, rollin' wit' lil' Brian lil' daddy
Look I'm flossin' in my motherfuckin' Navigator
I stretched that bitch and gave it to my ol' lady
Shady these hoes gotta pay Baby
Fuck me, these million dollars done drove these hoes crazy
Now if you see my Rollie T-Mac, these hoes gonna say this nigga' Baby done
went stone crazy

How you love that?, How you love that? (Love to love that)
What cho' Rollie look like nigga'?
Fuck, put cho' trigger finger up
My Rollie, 30 nigga' embezzled out

[Baby & T-Mac]
It's up playboy the can't stand it
50 sittin' on 20 inches playboy
50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
Rolex diamond infested 50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
Shit they can't stand it brah
263 and Cash Money 50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
Done gon' crazy, you know what time it is
50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
Brah we done got together and mixed up a cake Mix brah, like cake mix playboy
See my lil' man lil' T got forty on his wrist and
another thirty round his neck and that 263
Medallion nigga', it's all gravy playboy
I'm down here runnin' around like Futch
Shit playboy I drank Perignon with much hoes

Say Baby they gotta love that
50 ain't shit, 50 ain't shit shoot the dice lil' daddy
shoot the dice lil' daddy,
How you love that?
How you love that?
50 ain't shit
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