First Blow Testo

Testo First Blow

I Dont Need Brakes Because Theres No Stopin Me
Most Niggaz Get Broke Down Properly
Im Locced Out,Smoked, Coccing Heat
Running From The Cops Like I Got Roccet Feet
Fucc Gloves When You Box Wit Me
We Can Fight To The Death Like Pitbull Dawggs
Running Out Of Breath Trying To Make A Mess Wit My Vest Nigga Im A Give It My All
I Refuse To Lose Cuzz Im Givin These Niggaz The Bluez Becuzz They Cant Handle Me They Want Me To Wear Sandles Instead Of Shoes
But I Got Bad News T-Nutty Dont Gave A Fucc Im Coming To Blast You Just For Thinkin They Thuged Out With A Ragg And Some Tattoos
Watch Me Go For Mine Young T-Nutty Tokin Nines Dont Need A Buddy When Im On The Grind
Becuzz Im A Cuttthroat And A Locc Thats Known For Crime Known For Rymes Known To Flip At A Drop Of A Dime And Move Nice A Kicc It Were Crip Homies Shoot Dice
Chasin That Cheddar Like A Loose Mice Cuz Im A Money Hunger Little Homie Fucc All You Fonie Niggaz
See Me By My Lonley Nigga Im A Ride And Still Staccin Some Mo Cheese
I Know So Niggaz Thats Ogs And Let Them Lace My Tennie Shoes
I Be Giving These Niggaz The Bluez Off That Chulupa We Acting Like Foolz...
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