Drowning Again Testo

Testo Drowning Again

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Ways upon ways keep me down,
And I can't get to the top
But when I get there I still be nowhere
'Cause I ain't find the one I love .
And if I make it out
Then we shouldn't talk about how you left me.

Cause how you left me

Refrain ;
Drowning again yeah
Drowning again yeah
Drowning again yeah
You should come see how it could be
To come drown with me ooh ooh;

Days upon days I've been floating
And you don't care if I die or not
But when I'm deceived I hope you'll be
Dying next to me my water..
And before we go I just want my baby to know How it feels to be


Oooh in your love

Drowning again
Downing in your love again x2