Keep Going Testo

Testo Keep Going

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Keep going
They get me up in the morning
They give me reason to believe I'm here
For somebodie
For someone
They make me feel so joyus
Happyness ain't a word describe, what I feel
Like when I try to give it up
Sick and tired of all this stuff
They give me reason to
Keep goin
And goin
When I feel that I should quit
I keep goin
I never knew dis would happen
And if u knew bout my past you would see
It's a miracle
But u can see why I'm happy
Nobody wished dis for me
This was prayer
Where would I be with out them
And when try to give it up
Sick and tired of all this stuff
When I feel like it's enough
I keep goin
They give me reason to keep goin
And goin
And goin
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