Motivation Testo

Testo Motivation

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[feat. J.Carr]

[Intro: T-Pain]

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
Throw me in a cage with a lion and a bear (I'm a kill em)
That motivation I ain't lyin I swear (I'm the nigga)
I got my ear to the streets
Back to the bullshit
I'm tryna eat
I'm on my bullshit
Homie I can't listen to what you saying stop talkin
Betta watch the way you talk to my clan homie start walkin
Wait a minute when a nigga really get it I'm a go off
I'm gotta prove it to him
I think I'm Big Meech
Larry Hoover

[Chorus: T-Pain]
I'm a tryna eat
You tryna sleep
If you a dog
Then I'm a beast
And the beat goes
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
I know you hate it
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
Here go my motivation bruh
I'm with my dogs
Fuck us, no nigga fuck ya'll and the beat goes
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
If you know they hate it
Boom ba ba boom ha haaa
Let me get you motivated

[Verse 2: J.Carr]
Mo money
Mo problems
Mo haters keep me motivated (yes)
You so hoe-motional dawg gone and get your weight up
Abuse a track like when I'm beatin the odds
I feel the Heat when I be ballin I relate to Lebron (swish)
Yea Just set a date and it's on (swish)
Already born to be a king
I'm just working on the kong (ha ha)
Got Flava Flav tints in my new shades
Non Stop stackin and I double up on TWOs days
Man I can get it
80 seconds in a minute
80 minutes in an hour
40 hours in a day
8 days inside a week
I'm motivated in the hunt
Steady goin for the gold
5 weeks up in the month
I'm tryna eat (why)
Cause I'm a hog (yes)
Stick of eatin scraps off the table with my dogs
This the arr
Never breaking barely stop to catch my breath
Grindin harder than a skater coming down a flight of once again


[T-Pain adlibs outro]
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