Talla Ho Wak Testo

Testo Talla Ho Wak

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Yeah once again, once again come on man fix da mother fuckin mic what is this in da cup I supposed 2 b drinking water and shit don't it what is this paul
Yeah I got it show these niggas how 2 talla ho wak mike black what's up nigga uh uh uh do your thang uh uh do your thang uh uh do your thang uh uh
Aye check it out man

[Verse 1:]
You know I got it on lock from these stage roll on back 2 yo block nappy head is the click I chill with we rock dough so that da click I grill with
But wait a minute I'm a tell u da true ain't nam damn gold on nam damn tooth ain't nam nigga gone stop mi shine and nam bitch gone stop mi wife
But if u stop mi life then I'm a be a legend they gone be talking bout me in front of macdonalds and heavens oh they said pain y u sang u better off game bang in da door lang well I'm a try 2 be me cause that's all I can be 2 teddy penderazzdown
Well I'm a so lord commertater and pertater them niggas hatin on mi town now

What u gone do well I'm a keep it gangsta I'm ready 2 ride baby I'm a keep it gangsta

[Verse 2:]
Hold up hold up aye c da 2nd verse is way worse then da 1st this 1 might have them niggas laying in da hurt shot stab fuck up what had u they pain y did u do it pain said he had 2 just cause he sang niggas think hes soft so he had 2 show they ass he can knock a head off but 2 have u lost da pain suddenly got it and without it u ain't nothing so punk back off oh
This shit here gone blow yo nuts back off ooh like 2 know them and cock them like mike fresh u weak mother fuckers ain't tight yet I bet I can put u niggas on some new shit talk about yo momama and u still won't do shit so here it come 4 yo punk out da donk full of funk I'm ready 2 ride

What u gone do well I'm a keep it gangsta I'm ready 2 ride baby I'm a keep it gangsta

Nigga do that talla ho wak what gone do I'm a keep it gangsta nigga do that talla ho wak talla ho wak I'm a keep it gangsta talla ho wak aye aye ok nigga do that talla ho talla ho I'm a keep it gangsta aye show them how 2 do that talla ho [x4]
I'm a keep it gangsta man best believe in this mother fucker man talla ho wak[x3]
I'm a keep it gangsta that's what I do man aye look here yeah big mother fuckin shout out 2 double up fan bitch best believe in da next nigga is da next mother fuckin blow nigga hey ay what's up at brrrrr blood shot lil scrappy doo u know what I'm sayin what's up young nigga we man ha don't get it twisted bitch aye all them niggas keeping it gangsta what's up sauce
Keep it gangsta c ya niggas doing that talla ho wak man aye aye all mi niggas keep it gangsta
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