Me Likey Testo

Testo Me Likey

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Maybe we can build a new world baby, we know there's so much more
now you studied your histroy,it's not a mystery so what are we waiting for
i know it's something that had to be, it makes me glad to be part of the crew that came
like a door that was opened to me , you got me hoping that we're ready to make a change

holla my boys and my girls doncha know
we got the crew that can make this thing go

come on come on, me likey likey come on bring it on
oh come on come oh on, me likey likey come on sing along
come on come on, me likey likey come on bring it on
oh come on come on, me likey likey now it won't be long

cool as a breeze in summer so take a number if you're checking the way we roll
we're giving you a ride so come on get inside let's set it to cruise control
we're not playing make-believe there's nothing up my sleeve gonna turn the beat around
now we're kicking it off the hook so take a second look cuz i'm gonna break it down

oh can't you see it's our time doncha know
just dream the dream and let's make this thing go

chorus repeat

check the way that we rock this
one for all and all for one
we got the dream no one can stop us
it's not a fantasy, if you stick with us yeah we will set you free

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