Kill Zone Testo

Testo Kill Zone

We stood together in the open field
And Heard the secret that the night revealed
then we chased the lie
racing throught the sky

Can we untagle guilt or innocence?
How hard we torture this ambivalence
Night will bring no dawn
Where has power gone?

For I'll steal your dreams while you are sleeping
And seel them for dust and cheap lust
And I'll stil your hope while you are weeping
And wipe the blood clean whit morphine
Be my queen

The wind howls the black coulds around the storm at sea
I'm dropping at too great a speed
Come closer to me on your hands and knees
Alone in the kill zone

How much is enought, how much is throught?
How long will I be getting over you?
How much grief and sin 'til a heart caves in?
'Til a heart caves in, 'til a heart caves in
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