Don't Go To Strangers Testo

Testo Don't Go To Strangers

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All over town the bars are closing down one by one the lights grow dim
I've been sitting here drinking thinking about you out somewhere with him
He's just one of the many men you've tried still you tell me you ain't satisfied
He won't run, don't go to strangers

I've seen you out on the prowl like this night after night after night
Looking for love but you settle for a kiss and unknown arms to hold you tight
But it seems no matter what you do it never turn out like you wanted it to
You wanted love, real true love, if you want love don't go to strangers

Every night I have this dream you're gonna wake up and understand
That all the love you've been looking for is right here in your hand oh my love

How many nights are you gonna lay down your sweet love to someone you don't really want
Don't you see that you'd be better off with me I'd be much more that your confidant
All's I'm the one you tell you troubles to you told me everything but I love you
Oh my love, true love if you want some love don't go to strangers
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