Raunch, Rogue, Skank Testo

Testo Raunch, Rogue, Skank

Whoo! Ha, ha!
Welcome to my world! Ha, ha!
Make yourself comfortable!
How 'bout a couple of cocktails?
Yeah! You ready?
Cause I'm ready!
I mean are you really ready?
Cause I'm really ready!
Ha, ha, yaaah!

Billionaire playboy lifestyle
From time to time it gets a bit wild
I try to relax with fireside chats
With a sister with some intellect/You know I like that
Some slide by with ulterior motives
Fuck it--I get the mental and physical bonus
This one chick I will never forget
She came through with a stranger and a bottle of Moet
Kept inching closer the more Mo-mo she sipped
She talking 'bout Camus/But she thinking 'bout dick
All of a sudden she leaned forward and licked my lips
My shirt went rip/My fly went zip
Shit, well c'mon and let the games begin
Cracked open her brassiere/Introduce me to the twins
Slathered the avocado 'til she was nice and lathered
Big Magnums/Won't be no family matters
Man, it was like a marathon when I banged her
All five CD's had cycled through the changer
After her tenth climax I stop counting
Vivid memories of them double D's bouncing
The neighbors must have heard all the screaming and shouting
Murdered it/She squirted just like a fountain
When I finally came it was like a couple of ounces
I'm thinking to myself/I gotta write a song about this

Raunch! Rogue! Skank! Rogue!
Raunch! Rogue! Skank! Rogue!

Now I don't fuck with the gym too much
Bunch of swole-up homos frontin' like they tough
Chickens be up in that spot fully made up
Barely even bust a sweat/I mean what the fuck is that?
This one walks up and says, "Can I get a spot?"
I'm thinking, "Damn, I'm the smallest cat up in the spot!"
She say, "It's easy boo, just stand behind me"
"And when it gets too heavy could you grab the sides please?"
Nestled up to me and then she began
One, two, three/"Give me a hand?"
See, now we're entering dangerous territory
Cause at this point my joint's growing and maturing
Tenting in my sweats
She got through half a set/'Bout number six
Turned around and said, "Is that your dick?"
Visions in my mind of harassment lawsuits
Instead she starts to smile and say, "You're kind of cute."
"Why don't you put them weights up on the rack?"
Jangled on her keys/Said, "Follow me out back."
We in the parking structure trying to find her ride
A ride that a Tahoe black a '99
We made the beast with two backs together
I left a sweaty ass print on the leather
To this day it's hard to forget her
Another entry in the diary of a sinner

Raunch! Rogue! Skank! Rogue!
Raunch! Rogue! Skank! Rogue!
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