Fake Testo

Testo Fake

Feel the music through your feet,
Now you slowly loose the beat
When he walks in through the room,
And you start to loose the tune.
He shows he doesn't care,
When he looks right through your stare
With the jealousy running through
And the girls he fakes to prove

He knows his not that, to blind you can't see that.

In my eyes, his just another guy
that everyone see's
He gets the girls, he gets the boys
but no one can see
His act is cheap and nothing but a freak
that people seem to love
What's next week? more of something cheap?
Another worthless Kid

Waking up for another day
Aren't you sick of what you do?
Do you mind if I can pray
For the best that you cant do
Sorry and please excuse
For the shit I'll put you through
With the anger in my head
I'm not jealous, just hate you

You know your not that, so listen don't talk back
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