Stupid Reason Testo

Testo Stupid Reason

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Ah Lets Go!

Lets hear, one more and stupid reason
Before you go, well I don't need your phony pleasing
But could you say, “I'm missing out and I regret this”
Just for once, I want to stand up and not fall down from this.

I want a situation where I'm not the only one that's falling down
(falling down not falling down)
Cause everyday, every year, every time, every girl I fall for leaves me burnt
(every girl yeah every girl)

And I have probably said this just a few many times
But you completed me, I couldn't share a thing without you by my side

I want a situation where I'm in the place to turn things right around
(right around oh right around yeah)
Cause then your way, or her way or his way won't work its just my way
(its just my way)

And you have probably said this just a few many times
“But you're a great guy, your to good for me” but still you end up with worse than me

I've come to realize, things just don't go my way
It's too late (It's too late)

I've come to customize, the way I work in life
It's too late (It's too late)

So lets hear...
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