Never Had It So Good Testo

Testo Never Had It So Good

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

Since I met you, I never had it so good
You bring joy to my life, like I knew you would

Baby, I know you're wondering
If when I say I love you, I'm for real
And lady, no need to worry
Cause no one can replace the way you make me feel
And I know and you know that when we get together
Everything's gonna be alright
And I just can't wait till I get with you the next day
Look in your eyes and hold you tight

Since I met you, I never had it so good
You bring joy to my life, like I knew you would
You're the only one who really understood
With you in my life I never had it so good

The way you walk and talk, really sets me off
To fall in love all over again
Girl, you got me on fire, uh-uh-uh-oh-yeah
Your love's like a rollercoaster, hoo-hoo-hoo


I can't imagine just how it would be
If you were not here to comfort me
No one in the world compares to my girl
I wanna scream it out loud
You make me so proud

When I met ya, you said I'd never forget ya
Now I know why all the fellas just sweat ya, I betcha
They might have more cheddar than me
But they ain't loving you better than me what
No doubt for your love I'll go the whole route
Get your girls, I'll get my boys
We can go out, Tilky, Stevie, Ryan, Clay and T.J.
Never had it so good until you came my way

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