A Song For Her Testo

Testo A Song For Her

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Here I go
Off the deep end
Should have started off slow than this
Hit the water
But you kept me afloat through the mist
Took a stroll
Lit some candles
Then we danced through the night in the rain
Held your hand
Electricity ran through my veins
And I wonder if you felt the same...
Don't you ever think that you've now got to walk home alone
You know that I'll carry you back when you've fallen asleep on the road
Don't you think that the night's going to open it's jaws and swallow you whole
You know that I'm here to help bear the load
Here and now
I can feel it
Where I'd never want to go alone
And suddenly this pavement feels like home
Save your breath
In this silence
I can feel myself drifting away
Would you save my life or lead me astray?
And I wonder, could you feel the same?
Everybody wants to be someone
Everybody wants
Everybody wants to be someone
But I'd settle just to be somebody to you
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