Hey, You! Testo

Testo Hey, You!

Hey you, sitting by the dancefloor
Why don't you get on your feet?
The hour is not for wasting, the air was made for tasting
Hey you, shake the sand out of your shoes
And quit acting like you're yesterday's news
Come on, shake a little
It's gonna take a little out of you
But it's nothing you can't do
Hey you, out there by your lonesome
Why not take a chance this time?
Heart so still it might take root
And you're wasting time to boot
Hey you, gotta toughen up your skin
But too scared of what might sink in
Comfort counts you out tonight
Although you're curious to know what good luck looks like
Take me back to where we were that night
So I can follow through
Take me by the hand
I can't see, can't see anything but you
Oh how I wish that we had tripped the light fantastic
But you came and went, the night was spent alone again
Alone again
I never seized the day, so much as had it seized
I always dreamed of breaking down my walls, but something stopped the siege
And left me stranded on the sidelines, benched myself, still serving time
Am I my captor, is it all just in my mind?
Hey you, out there on the dancefloor
We've all been waiting on you
It's been a while, now let just see what you can do
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