My Rags, My Riches Testo

Testo My Rags, My Riches

There's a secret little spot downtown
That I don't think anyone knows about
Deep within the city lights
Inexplicably you can see into the night
Tucked away, sheltered and hidden
Its scruffy charm has got me smitten
And I'll take another minute
Just lay here, just lay here
Heavy loads make their way to the stage
Back turned so you can't see my face
As the heat from a thousand eyes
Burns through me faster than the brightest spotlight
The mics crackle, the keys take flight
Buzzing nerves make this room feel so alive
And I'll savour that first chord
Just stay here, stay here
'Cause I can't help it without a little bit of something real
To keep me alive you'll need to take your hands right off of the steering wheel
And how I wish that I could stay this way, never change
I'll take it all in stride, turn out the lights and say goodnight
To one more memory
Is that all you've got for me?
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